Available In Pints

Ice Creams

Black Raspberry
A rich ice cream made with a black & red raspberry puree

Chocolate Supreme
Rich dark chocolate ice cream made with the finest cocoa

Coffee Chip
Real coffee ice cream infused with an abundance of chocolate chips

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Little pieces of cookie dough blended in a vanilla ice cream

Cookies N Crème
Oreo cookie chunks mixed in an Oreo cream base

Island Coconut
Coconut crème base with shredded coconut flakes

Mint Chocolate Chip
Soft dark chocolate chips in a refreshing green mint ice cream

Sea Salt Caramel
Our homemade salted caramel blended into a rich, sweet & salty ice cream

Vermont Maple Bacon
Vermont Maple Ice Cream with bits of real bacon

Vermont Maple Walnut
We use Vermont maple syrup produced on-site with fresh roasted walnuts

Your classic vanilla!


Invigorating sorbet made with fresh lemon zest and juice

Red Raspberry
Fresh red raspberries for a cool treat – contains seeds

Pink Grapefruit
Thirst-quenching sorbet bursting with tangy grapefruit flavor

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