21 Commerce St
Williston, VT 05495


7 days a week

The Cafe at Island Homemade is OPEN!

Vermont’s Other Ice Cream Company now features a cafe! Made to order breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee, tea, pastries, and of course: ICE CREAM! The Island Cafe is open from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week! 


Maple frosted donut with maple ice cream and a fresh cup of coffee

Scoop Shop Menu

Scoop Flavors

Black Raspberry Peppermint Stick
Chocolate Supreme Sea Salt Caramel
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sensational Strawberry
Coffee Chip Vanilla
Cookies n Creme Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate Supreme Vanilla M&M
Island Coconut VT Maple
Island Coconut Chocolate Chunk VT Maple Bacon
Mint Chocolate Chip VT Maple Walnut
Mint Cookies n Creme Wild Blueberry*
Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Eclipse*

*seasonal or limited edition flavor

Non-Dairy Sorbets

Pink Grapefruit         Red Raspberry

Scoops- Served in a Cup or Cone

Teaser (our kids’ size) – Two Small Scoops $3.35

Small – One small scoop PLUS One Lg Scoop $5.45

Large – One small scoop PLUS two Lg scoops $6.45


Sprinkles – Rainbow or Chocolate .50/.75

Mini M&Ms .95

VT Whipped Cream .95


Choose your favorite ice cream flavor $7.25

Ice Cream Floats

Root Beer, Orange Soda, Grape Soda $5.75


8oz Red Bull $3.25

Snapple Juice or Tea $2.35

12oz Soda Can $1.85

Bottled Water $1.35

Hot coffee/Tea/Cocoa sm $2.65/lg $2.95

Add a small scoop of ice cream to any hot beverage: $1.65

From the Freezer

Pint $5.95

4oz Cup $3.15

8oz Cup $3.85

Ice Cream Pie – all flavors $17.50

Café Menu



Donuts——— $1.50
Muffins——— $2.25
Croissants——– $3
Cookies——– $1.50

 Hot Beverages
Small Coffee——- $2.65
Large Coffee——- $2.95
Small Tea——- $2.65
Large Tea——- $2.95
Small Hot Cocoa——- $2.65
Large Hot Cocoa——- $2.95
BYO Coffee Cup——- $1.75

 Cold Beverages
12 oz cans – Coke & Pepsi Products——- $1.85
Snapple Juices & Teas——- $2.35
Natalie’s Orange Juice——- $3.75
16 oz Monument Farms Milk——- $2.50
16 oz Monument Farms Chocolate Milk——- $2.95
Rootbeer, Orange, or Grape Float——- $5.75
Milkshake——- $7.25
Iced Coffee ——$4.50

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small——- $4.25
medium——- $5.25
large——- $6.25



small——- $4.65
medium——- $5.65
large——- $6.65



Chips——- $2

Grilled Cheese
$5.95 base price

Made with your choice of melted Cabot Cheddar and/or Swiss cheese and sandwiched between two hearty slices of white or wheat Great Harvest Baking Company (South Burlington, VT) bread or a fresh-grilled croissant, then pressed to perfection with Cabot butter (or mayo if you’d prefer!), our grilled cheese is sure to please!

Your choice of

-White/Wheat Bread or a Croissant (+$1.00 for croissant)
-Mayo or Butter (for grilling)
-Cabot Cheddar or Swiss (or a combination of both!)

Grilled Cheese Add Ins
Ham——- $1.60
Bacon——- $2
Apple——- .65
Egg——- $1.35
Extra Cheese——- $1.95

Specialty Grilled Cheese Sandiwches
Caramelized Bacon & Apple Grilled Cheese $8.95