21 Commerce St
Williston, VT 05495


7 days a week

The Cafe at Island Homemade is OPEN!

Vermont’s Other Ice Cream Company now features a cafe! Made to order breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee, tea, pastries, and of course: ICE CREAM! The Island Cafe is open from 7am to 8pm, 7 days a week! 


Maple frosted donut with maple ice cream and a fresh cup of coffee

Scoop Shop Menu

Scoop Flavors

Black Raspberry Peanut Butter Cup
Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Peppermint Stick
Chocolate Supreme Sea Salt Caramel
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sensational Strawberry
Coffee Chip Vanilla
Cookies n Creme Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Double Chocolate Supreme Vanilla M&M
Island Coconut VT Maple
Island Coconut Chocolate Chunk VT Maple Bacon
Mint Chocolate Chip VT Maple Walnut
Mint Cookies n Creme

Non-Dairy Sorbets

Pink Grapefruit         Red Raspberry

Scoops- Served in a Cup or Cone

Teaser (our kids’ size) – Two Small Scoops $3.35

Small – One small scoop PLUS One Lg Scoop $5.45

Large – One small scoop PLUS two Lg scoops $6.45


Sprinkles – Rainbow or Chocolate .50/.75

Mini M&Ms .95

VT Whipped Cream .95


Choose your favorite ice cream flavor $7.25

Ice Cream Floats

Root Beer, Orange Soda, Grape Soda $5.75


8oz Red Bull $3.25

Snapple Juice or Tea $2.35

12oz Soda Can $1.85

Bottled Water $1.35

Hot coffee/Tea/Cocoa sm $2.65/lg $2.95

Add a small scoop of ice cream to any hot beverage: $1.65

From the Freezer

Pint $5.95

4oz Cup $3.15

8oz Cup $3.85

Ice Cream Pie – all flavors $17.50

Café Menu



Donuts——— $1.50
Muffins——— $2.25
Croissants——– $3
Cookies——– $1.50

 Hot Beverages
Small Coffee——- $2.65
Large Coffee——- $2.95
Small Tea——- $2.65
Large Tea——- $2.95
Small Hot Cocoa——- $2.65
Large Hot Cocoa——- $2.95
BYO Coffee Cup——- $1.75

 Cold Beverages
12 oz cans – Coke & Pepsi Products——- $1.85
Snapple Juices & Teas——- $2.35
Natalie’s Orange Juice——- $3.75
16 oz Monument Farms Milk——- $2.50
16 oz Monument Farms Chocolate Milk——- $2.95
Rootbeer, Orange, or Grape Float——- $5.75
Milkshake——- $7.25
Iced Coffee ——$4.50

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small——- $4.25
medium——- $5.25
large——- $6.25



small——- $4.65
medium——- $5.65
large——- $6.65



Chips——- $2

Grilled Cheese
$5.95 base price

Made with your choice of melted Cabot Cheddar and/or Swiss cheese and sandwiched between two hearty slices of white or wheat Great Harvest Baking Company (South Burlington, VT) bread or a fresh-grilled croissant, then pressed to perfection with Cabot butter (or mayo if you’d prefer!), our grilled cheese is sure to please!

Your choice of

-White/Wheat Bread or a Croissant (+$1.00 for croissant)
-Mayo or Butter (for grilling)
-Cabot Cheddar or Swiss (or a combination of both!)

Grilled Cheese Add Ins
Ham——- $1.60
Bacon——- $2
Apple——- .65
Egg——- $1.35
Extra Cheese——- $1.95

Specialty Grilled Cheese Sandiwches
Caramelized Bacon & Apple Grilled Cheese $8.95